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The Fayston Planning Commission has begun the process of reviewing the 2014 Fayston Town Plan, which sets policies for development and town initiatives. To remain valid, the Town Plan must be updated every five years, which means an amended version must be adopted in 2019. This is the last time that Fayston will have a five-year timeline; future updates will take place on an eight-year schedule. Thus, the responses to this survey are important as we plan for a longer timeframe of town planning.

The Town Plan is important for a number of reasons, including:

– It is necessary for developing and revising zoning, subdivision, and other regulations.
– It guides community initiatives in areas such as affordable housing, child care, recreation facilities, and conservation.
– It provides a standard for review at the state and regional levels, including Act 250.
– It provides a source of information for local boards, commissions, citizens and businesses.

The Town Plan is a reflection of the town’s vision for itself as it grows. The policies that are developed and set forth in the next Town Plan will determine how this growth will occur. For this Town Plan to be most effective, it needs to reflect the desires of Fayston’s residents and property owners.

Please help ensure that the new Town Plan will truly reflect the town’s priorities by filling out this survey, which asks for your opinions and attitudes on a wide variety of topics. All responses are anonymous, but if there are any questions that you feel uncomfortable answering, please just skip those questions. It should take approximately 20 to 30 minutes to complete the survey and the survey must be completed in one session. When filling out the survey, do not use your back browser button. The deadline for for survey completion is March 29, 2019.

Thanks for your help.


Warning for Town Plan Amendment PC Hearing

Public Discussion to Review:
Proposed Amendment to 2014 Town Plan
5:30 p.m. June 6, 2016 at the Robert Vasseur Town Hall

The Fayston Planning Commission (PC) invites you to discuss the proposed amendment to the 2014 Town Plan at a meeting on June 6, 2016 at 5:30 p.m. at the Robert Vasseur Town Hall. All interested persons are encouraged to attend and comment.

The Fayston Town Plan was last updated in 2014. The Fayston Planning Commission (PC) is now proposing an amendment to Chapter 8 ‘Community Facilities – Schools, Services, and Energy’ of the 2014 Plan in order to better support the Public Service Board in Section 258 proceedings. The municipal Planning Manual (updated January 2016 by the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development), states that in order for municipal plans to be given any consideration in Section 248 proceedings, “plan policies and standards must be clear, consistent, unambiguous and mandatory (i.e. “shall” protect). The plan policies and standards must apply to specific resources within the proposed project area. Plan policies will not be considered if they are vague, contradictory, permissive (e.g., “should” protect) or generally apply to resources town wide; or if they have the effect of completely excluding all facility development.” The proposed amendment accomplishes this recommendation.

Specifically, the amended sections note that Fayston is a rural town and development must be consistent with the rural character and sited to avoid or minimize any adverse impacts, including visual impacts to documented areas of scenic and rural character. The revised section (8.5.5) includes prescriptive language such as “shall” and “must” and lists specific local vantage points, scenic areas, and natural resource areas of particular local importance. It’s noted that “new facilities sited within or viewed from these areas shall not create a significant physical, visual, or audible incongruous or incompatible intrusion.”

The 2014 Town Plan was confirmed by the Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission as being consistent with the Section 4302 planning goals. The proposed amendment does not change the plan’s approach to development patterns. In addition, the Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission has found that the proposed amendment is consistent with the goals and policies of the 2008 Central Vermont Regional Plan (as amended October 13, 2015) and promotes sound land development practices, natural resource protection, and energy conservation. In addition, the proposed amendment does not call for substantial changes to the zoning districts or zoning map, nor do they alter the designation of any land area.

A copy of the proposed amendments to the 2014 Town Plan may be found on the town website: http://www.faystonvt.com/documents-forms-notices/planning-commission-notices-documents/ or by email from the Zoning Administrator. If you are unable to attend the hearing, written comments and suggestions can be emailed or mailed to Fayston Zoning Administrator, 866 North Fayston Rd., Fayston, VT 05660.