Fayston Life


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Lowest and highest places in Vermont: Lake Champlain and Mount Mansfield

Left: Fayston ribbon cutting w/ Governor Douglas celebrates energy retrofits at Town Hall. See Times Argus article. From left to right: Patty Greene-Swift; David Frank; Robert Vasseur of the Fayston Select Board; Mike Quenneville, project supervisor and Fayston resident; Gov. Douglas; Patti Lewis, assistant town clerk; Ed Read and Jared Cadwell of the Fayston Select Board; Marc DiMario; Joshua Schwartz, Executive Director of the Mad River Valley Planning District; and Cyril Swift. In the background is Fayston’s wood pellet silo. Right: North Fayston ducks.

Left: Take the time…, Right: Primary Election 2010

Left: Quilt Block Made by Gini Vasseur to Represent Fayston, Right: View from North Fayston toward Mount Ellen and Mad River

Left: First Snow 2009/2010 Winter, Right: Big Storm

From top of Burnt Rock Fall 2009

Old Cellar Hole — Baird-in-the-Bush Trail

Bear in North Fayston ’09

Towering Rainbow ’09

Hatchlings @ Municipal Office ’09